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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 21, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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ridiculous. >> sean: october 6th -- >> 7th and 8th. >> sean: see you tomorrow night. greta is next. >> greta: this is a news alert. we are standing by for word from the united states supreme court on the scheduled execution of troy davis in georgia. that decision could come down any second. the high court is deciding whether to block the execution of the convicted cop killer. davis' lawyer a last-ditch effort to save the man's life. he was convicted to fatally shooting a police officer 22 years ago. davis insists he's . hundreds of his supporters are gathered outside the prison awaiting word on the execution or whether there will be a stay. dozens of police in riot gear standing guard nearby there is a chance there could be trouble. prison officials are waiting for the supreme court's decision. we'll bring it to you as soon as it happens. >> also, senator gramm --
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senator graham is warning the nation. he says president obama's plan for medicaid will bankrupt your state. senator graham has a plan. you will hear from him moments from now. >> new and secret audio tapes in the fast and furious scandal. congressman darrell issa has them and he's here. >> plus, senator orrin hatch says president obama doesn't get it. doesn't get what? he will tell you. >> first, breaking news, president obama scrambling in new york city to try to avert what could turn into an irreversible barrier to peace in israel. in 36 hours palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas will file at the u.n. for statehood recognition. john bolton joins us. good evening. a done deal? anything the president can do to stop that filing which we expect friday? >> not at this point. not unless he does something
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that would fundamentally violate his principles. if he threatened to cut off funding to the united nations if it endorses this palestinian move it would stop it. i don't see any chance he's going to do that. in fact, he's gone back to washington. >> greta: we have -- tell me this, did we have to get this to this breaking point in this? we've known this was coming. >> i think the president is partially responsible. last year he said he expected to greet a new palestinian state. say by agreement, that's true. but he created the impression as time on and the palestinians made clear they were going to do this, he didn't seem bothered by it. there was no evidence of vigorous u.s. activity with friends or allies or others to top this. there was no steps taken to make it clear this was unacceptable. that's why the palestinians, i think reasonably, interest their point of view, came to the conclusion that perhaps
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the united states might not like it, but their opposition was pro forma. that was a big mistake. >> greta: has the united states bungled it. israel is our friends. we don't want to squeeze them into this position. of course now we are in the awkward position we supported the rebels in libya. we supported the arab spring. now the president has to explain why he isn't supporting the palestinians. if we knew this was coming, has this been bungled? >> there are two answers we are in the middle of this. we end up in a lose-lose situation for everybody. one answer is the president's incompetent diplomacy. that for me is the most attractive. the other because it is most likely. the other is in his heart of hearts, he doesn't mind that much that the palestinians are about to have statehood declared by the united nations because it is one more weapon to beat israel with. it is true in his speech today
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he said things about our unshakeable alliance with is -- israel. it is not his rhetoric it is his policies. what he has done over the 2 1/2 years that has brought us to this point. >> greta: since last year, what have we been doing to attempt to have this discussion? one the palestinians make this request friday it does set thins in action. israelis are terrified should the u.n. give them statehood they are going to try get israel charged with war crimes or something. there are consequences. we could have sort of avoided this. >> this is a fantasy. this resolution is a fantasy. if the palestinians take this and try to make themselves on the west bank and gaza subject to the international criminal court and if the international contract court prosecutor accepts that, sorry for israel, but in will drive the prospect of america ever joining the
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international criminal court into the grave. in that sense, go ahead and make my day. greta, if you treat this as a serious resolution then it will have consequences. if you treat it like the fantasy and theater that it is, it won't. >> greta: it is not so much how i'm treating it. but i think the israel lease are concerned. they don't -- it a be a fantasy but they live and breathe this everyday. and they look us to to be their biggest allies. >> well they've made a big mistake. [ talking over each other ] >> greta: too bad, a fantasy, we didn't get around to it. >> that's why they've made a big mistake these past 2 1/2 years. there are a lot of threats to international peace and security in the me east not least of which is the nuclear weapons program of iran -- iran and support for terrorism. obama administration has spent 2 1/2 years focusing on what i thinks is the key threat to international peace and security. that's the construction of
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apartment buildings in east jerusalem. the israelis and the pro israel community in this country has defered to president obama. now i think, unfortunately, they are going to pay some of the consequences. >> greta: ambassador, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: unless the unexpected happens, we are 36 hours from the palestinian authority president making a bid for statehood recognition by the u.n.. in the u.s. many of us are concerned. if americans are, imagine what the israelis are thinking? the israeli ambassador to the u.s. joins us. tell me, how important is -- are the next 36 hours and if the palestinians file for statehood how important is it to israelis? >> first, you should know, israel is committed to peace. israel has committed to sit down with the palestinians and work out all of our differences and they are complicated indeed. reaching a two-state solution.
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prime minister netanyahu has said he's willing to meet president abbas of the palestinian authority anywhere in jerusalem, in ramallah, if he has to, to sit down and work out these differences and reach a true and durable peace now, there's only one way by negotiating directly. we say it. president obama says it. palestinians are going to try to end run that process and try get a state created through the u.n.. it is not going to bring about peace. it will bring the opposite of peace. we hope that doesn't happen. >> greta: reading the jerusalem post online in anticipation of this and all that is going on. it seems there's an uptick of violence. are the force -- [ unintelligible ] >> we are not clashing with the palestinians. we've prepared our security force for dealing with the possibility of demonstrations. we know the palestinians have been fomenting these types of
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demonstrations. we are preparing our civilian population. particularly in borders areas to end counter and resist demonstration in nonlethal ways. >> greta: in the world that you live in, you have a better relationship dealing with the palestinians than with hamas, is that right? >> palestinians without hamas, definitely. hamas is an organization committed to israel's destruction and the jewish people worldwide. it is a genocidal organization. >> greta: if president abbas doesn't file for statehood tie day, he goes home with his hat in his hand, looking weak and losing, i would think some of the leadership which many of the palestinians -- now you've got to fry to get peace with a guy who probably doesn't have a lot of support of a -- a lot of his people. in some ways don't you want him in a position of strength so he can lead his way into peace? >> not at the cost of creating
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a palestinian state. we want his strength to derive from the fact that he's sitting down with us and working out these complex use that we have. so he can go back to his people and say i'm not giving you a fake state, i'm going to bring you a real state with real peace and a real future for your children like israelis want a future for their children and grandchildren and we are going to give awe economy like israel, security like israel has. that's true strength. growth fret if the president has again home. i -- >> greta: if the president has gone home. i now secretary of state clinton is still there if the president has gone home do you see this not happening by the palestinian president filing for statehood friday? >> i can't tell you what is going on in mahmoud abbas' mind right now. the administration has assured us and publicly assured they will stop the palestinian motion from going through the security council, period. >> greta: the president said
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he would veto it. how does it complicate matters that the president of france, after president obama spoke today that president sarkozy asked to have the palestinian status elevated from what it is now. does that complicate matters with friends doing that? >> we are communicating closely with the french, americans, other member of the security council. the bottom line is, palestinians get a state without sitting down with us. if they get the territory without giving us peace, territory for peace that formula, then it is not going to bring about peace. and the palestinians have said openly, mahmoud abbas himself said in a "new york times" article that he's going to get this state not to end the conflict but to continue the conflict. to challenge us in sanction us and assail us and delegitimize us before the world. it is about continuing the struggle and not ending the strug. only one way, sit down and
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talk with us and work out those problems. -- >> greta: are you feeling frustrated. a year ago the president said he's going to help the palestinians become a state. then the united states supported the rebels in libya and the arab spring. then the problem that you are caught in the whipsaw politically in our 2012 race you have governor perry and governor romney taking slaps at the president politically. one says that the u.s. is throwing israel under the bus. the other one said something about the u.s. in appeasement. you are caught in our political battle. is that frustrating israel? >> israel enjoys very deep and bipartisan support in this country. the relationship between the american people and the people of israel is deep. it goes very deep back. it is based on common values. common principles. respect for democracy. ref reference -- reverence for the rule of law and we value
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bipartisan support. i don't get involved in internal political debates. we in that bipartisan support and very much value it. >> greta: thank you sir. we'll be watching we are well aware of the important to both our nations, thank you. as if the president didn't have enough trouble. new troubles for president obama's health care law. senator graham says it is going to bankrupt your state. he joins us. good evening. >> good evening. that was a very interesting segment. the ambassador is right if they try to make this end run and avoid negotiating with israel and go to the united nations to establish statehood. who is running the state? is hamas part of the government? there will be a bipartisan push-become from the congress. it will be i think it -- push-back from the congress. i think it will be negatively received in the congress. if they try to establish
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statehood. a lot will be at stake. >> greta: health care, you say the president going to bankrupt the states. do you have a solution? >> yeah, medicaid is a program at the federal government level that the states administer with a lot of fed -- federal government mandate for low income people. under the obama health care bill nabil passed in the middle of the night behind closed doors and they bought -- 60 votes it expands medicaid eligibility in my state so 29% in the state will be on medicaid. 17 mill beyond -- 17 million more added to the medicaid rolls. 17 million for the country, 485,000. here's what my governor said, the obama care medicaid expansion is a disaster for south carolina's budget with an opt-out provision which senator barrasso and myself proposed. did you have a voice in this health care debate? remember i was on the night before i was passed.
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i saw the bill a few hours before. remember that? >> greta: i do. >> no one has had a say in the country about obama health care. all done in this building behind closed doors. what senator barrasso and i have said, state like texas it could cost 24 billion dollars of new money to match the expansion. the state has to put dollars on the table to get federal government medicaid dollars. in my state one billion dollars will be required for to come up with this the next decade to get federal medicaid money. >> greta: you want to opt-out. here's the problem everybody being this is contributing to lower the cost if you opt-out. plus the problem that the press due to hhs has issued thousands of waivers. there will leave five us of -- of us left standing paying for it. >> when you ask employers what is the biggest impediment to hiring you don't know what
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your health care costs will be because of the obama health care bill you want to put states in bankruptcy expand medicaid. medicaid doesn't work well. adding 17 more million people to the program. >> greta: okay. let's say you opt-out, your 485,000 people. what happens to those -- >> state of south carolina believe it or not has the ability to deliver health care services based on what we think is best not washington. >> greta: there is going to be a cost. are you saying you can do it -- >> i'm saying would it allow the states from being forced into medicaid expansion when they can't afford the medicaid bill they've got. the 485,000 people put on medicaid in south carolina, the 17 million nationally is going to create state budget liability that will make it impossible, we have to cut education, law enforcement -- [ talking over each other ] >> greta: the 17 million if
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they are dumped out of federal medicaid -- >> they are not in medicaid now. >> greta: let's say they are not because of the opt-out provision. 17 million becomes the burden of the state. >> i would like to provide a way to provide access and quality health care without ing my state. it could be possible to ensure people -- without obama care. obama care increases federal government programs to the point that only 20% of the country will be in health care by 24 teen. my state, california, texas and other -- other states will have to enroll hundreds of thousands of new people and it will put pressure on our budget. there's a better way to insure people than to require the -- >> greta: are you saying you can deliver the same medical care to these 485,000 but cheaper? >> my god, yes! 19% increase in health care premiums. if you want to look at the most expensive way to run health care, let the federal
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government run it. are we one government program short of a perfect world? do you want more government involvement when it cop to your doctor -- when it comes to your doctor-patient relationships? >> greta: i'm just trying to understand. >> what you need to understand these are good questions, should medicare and medicaid which are hopelessly bankrupted be expanded? how much should the federal government do when it comes to health care? >> greta: if your state opts-out and a lot of other states and you have thousands who got waivers i feel like i'm the only one left in the program. >> you are. >> greta: it was supposed to be inclusive -- >> start over and do it right. repeal obama health care allow states to opt-out. get this debate out of this town, back to the stays. half the states would opt-out of this expansion within thirty days. >> greta: we still have to hear from the supreme court on
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this. >> bad deal for america, bad for states. >> greta: nice to see you. secret audio tapes. fast and furious scandal getting hotter. congressman darrell issa is next. >> hidden cost of president obama's deficit plan. it just the millionaires he wants more money from. it is you to. -- it is you too. is president obama mad at the president of mongolia? why would we think that? rush limbaugh has the answer coming up. [ oswald ] there's a lot of discussion going on about the development of natural gas,
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>> greta: the fast and furious operation scandal just got hotter. tonight we learn about secret audio tapes not only did a gun seller tape at agent but congressman issa has those tapes. nice to see you. >> thanks for coming out to the hill. >> greta: happy to be here. you are doing the fast and furious investigation
10:23 pm
oversight. is the department of justice 100% cooperating with you? >> closer to 0% this is continued to be frustrating. as the mexican government tells us publicly they are being kept in the dark. we can't get information from the department of justice. we can only give information from whistle-blowers. and we are getting a lot. >> greta: why the justice department cooperating? >> we send communications, including subpoenas. this is one of those situations in which they haven't admitted they let guns walk even though there is no credible way to say they didn't let them walk, but let them run. one group of sales of over 700, just one straw buyer what do you mean you didn't know where these things were going? >> greta: how many people have been murdered as a result of guns going from the united states to mexico? >> l.a. time has a number of 150. -- the "l.a. times" hat a number of 150. >> greta: that is horrible.
10:24 pm
>> one is horrible. a border patrol agent gunned down in the prime of life is too much. one mexican having to face weapons that should not have gotten to drug lords too much. more importantly, out of 2,000 plus weapons, most are still unaccounted for. they will over time, kill again. >> greta: whose idea was this program? how high up was it authorized? >> those are two questions. it could have been an agent. but it had to be approved by the top levels of justice. >> greta: what is top level? >> lanny brower. this required funding and coordination with all of law enforcement. >> greta: i take it you want to know how high up it went and how it went off the rails, where it went south. >> as you know, we are the oversight and reform committee. we don't get reform until you
10:25 pm
get an admission this thing shouldn't have happened and then look at how it will never happen again. we want to know where safeguards have to be put in place so this can never be approved at any level. certainly, not in the hierarchy of the justice department. >> greta: do you think this program was a good idea? >> couldn't have been worse. >> greta: so doesn't it make a difference how high it goes so we can have a talk with that person so he or she dent exercise that bad judgment again? >> just -- the justice department has chosen to reassign, accept resignations of some involved. that's good judgment. if they cannot look inward and say here are at additional systems and people who broke down and do the same thing we have a big problem. especially, when the mexican government, the attorney general and others are calling this a betrayal and it could affect the cooperation we need to intercept drugs that are killing an estimated 44,000 people in mexico, due to
10:26 pm
violence. >> greta: i think we need to know how high it went up. often times in this city, i'm not saying it happened this time. sometimes middle level people are made scapegoats for the decisions made above. so it makes sense to find out who lacks the good . if this is bad judgment, i think many agree. we ought to lay cards on the table and find out who did -- not necessarily have someone's head now where did this originate? where did it go south so we can do the reform. >> i couldn't agree with you more. i call this felony stupid at any level that thought it was a good idea. ultimately you are right we need get to the top decision maker because that american is dangerous for having this -- that person is dangerous for having this thought being an acceptable program. where did the safeguards break down? in iran-contra we had ollie north who went through excruciating detail of how
10:27 pm
proud he was and why he thought he was doing the right thing. here everyone saying it didn't happen. we get tapes, e-mails and more knowledge of how widespread it was, including the deliberate denial of the u.s. ambassador in mexico city of the opportunity to know about this program. his atf people didn't foe it. his dea people didn't know it. they were kept in the dark so they wouldn't tell the -- they were kept in the dark so they wouldn't tell the ambassador. >> greta: tell me about the tape? tell me what it is who got taped? >> the agent in charge was taped by the licensed gun dealer who was concerned that he was being set-up. that was delivered to the inspector general in june. specifically, as part of cooperation. within virtually minutes, without the inspector general ever listening to the tape, it was forwarded to the justice department. who then forwarded it to the object of the investigation, the actual agent in charge. meaning, it became an
10:28 pm
obstruction of our investigation by the people we were looking to help us with our investigation. >> greta: justice knew about it in june. when did you learn about this tape that tracks this episode of selling guns? >> we knew about it. we had copies of it. >> greta: how soon? >> we had it before june. part of what we were doing. i know you have a strong history as an attorney. we wanted to interview that agent without that agent knowing what we knew. ultimately, we've been denied that. we were delaying that evidence and that interview, out of deference to the ongoing prosecutions. ultimately we were betrayed by the justice department delivering it that agent so we no longer get a fair right to have an interview where we know things that person doesn't. >> greta: let me use the word we want, -- it is a cover-up? >> when you delay and deter us
10:29 pm
getting to the facts it is a cover-up. it is one that can be remedied. so far we see no willingness by attorney general holder to tell his people to cooperate. just the opposite. we are still being stonewalled. >> greta: which is foolish. if it going to come out when you look like you are stonewalling, dragging your feet, i begins to look bigger and you look like you are doing everything to cover it up. >> right. if this had been quickly explained, including people taking the fall, if you will for what they've done wrong at the highest levels this would have been a story that would never have gotten traction. today it's got international traction and it shouldn't. because it was so stupid people should have quickly said we shouldn't have done it, we are sorry and heads will roll many just the opposite we think there are protections of people at the top. >> greta: thank you. -- >> fox news alert. the united states supreme court is refusing to block the execution of troy davis. the high court's decision coming down moments ago.
10:30 pm
the convicted cop killer is awaiting execution in the state of georgia. his lawyers made a last-ditch effort to save his life. the court ruling mean the execution will now go forward. we'll bring you the latest developments as they happen. it is not just millionaires getting hit. president obama's deficit plan wants more money from military re reese, airline travelers. -- and there's more. see if you are on the list. >> what is going on in this photo? can you think of a funny caption for it? rush limbaugh did. hear from rush. motorcycles, boats, even rv's.
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>> greta: it is not just millionaires. guess who else will have to pay more on president obama's deficit plan? probably you. senior correspondent dennis kneale joins us. is that true not just the millionaires? >> yeah the way it is sold a tax on millionaires and billionaires. ap story came out pointing out within that huge package of 1.5 trillion of tax increases 130 billion on taxes that are aren't millionaires. like double the air ticket fee for security to $10 on a runned trip. $15 more a month on your newmore gauge. extra $100 when a private charter flight takes off. retirees in the military
10:35 pm
one-time fee of $200 to get on to a new plan. federal employ thinks is a taxi agree with, would have to contribute 1.2% of their paycheck to their retirement, just like regular private sector workers. so, the thing about it, it is not a lot of money. it is not going to kill anybody. >> greta: sounds like in addition to an income tax we are getting a new national sales tax. >> a very pernicious andç?u! sneaky way, almost cowardly way to raise taxes. raising taxes on millionaires, then kind of fib about raising taxes everywhere else. here's the other thing that bothers me. one you start raising taxes and imposing new ones it snowballs and it only goes up from there. we pay tolls on bridges that were paid for 30 years ago in the 60s, news broke that 21 millionaires had not paid any
10:36 pm
income tax the year before. congress passes a tax on those 21 guys to get them to pay a minimum tax that tax today applies to four million people who have to pay it. >> greta: if you go on you will see. we went to the senate a number of us put money in the vending machine to get soft drinks the vending machine in the u.s. senate, they are trying to hose the tourists and media trying to get soft drinks. >> and $16 muffins. it shows our national debate is headed in the wrong direction. when you start talking about tax hikes and increases and surcharges and fair share for millionaires you act like they paying three trillion a year in taxes. we are spending too much. before the obama era, 20% of our national economy was federal spending. today, it is 26% of our national economy.
10:37 pm
that's a 30% increase in a couple of years. that's what is killing us. more. >> greta: dennis, thank you. i hope everyone knows i was joking about the senate and vending months but we did do a video of it on gretawire. thank you. >> coming up what senator just said that's nuts. they have no clue. who was the senator talking about? find out in two minutes. for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams. buy homes. put their kids through college. retire how they want to. ameriprise. the strength of america's largest financial planning company. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you, one-to-one. together, for your future. ♪ your core competency is...competency.
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>> greta: senator orrin hatch goes on the record in 60 seconds. but first to our new york newsroom. >> reporter: two young american hikers held in an iranian prison since 2009 are now one step closer to coming home. sean bauer and josh fattal arrived in oman earlier today where they were greeted by family members. it is not known yet when they will be back in the u.s.. they were convicted of espionage and faced eight years in an iranian prison.
10:42 pm
the government of oman paid a bail of one million dollars for their freedom. >> u.s. stocks plunging wednesday after the federal reserve announces new stimulus steps. feds saying it will buy long term treasury bonds making it clear a full economic recovery is years away the dow lost 284 points, s&p fell 35. nasdaq dropping 52. the fed says high unemployment and depressed housing markets pose a significant risk to the u.s. economy. >> >> greta: here's the quote" the white house has no clue." who says that? senator orrin hatch. nice to see you. horrible jobs problem i don't feed to tell you that. what do you think of the president's proposal? >> it is long on taxes. it makes taxes permanent, everything else is short term. that's not the way to do it. we were just props in that joint session, so he could
10:43 pm
make a political speech even democrats aren't going to support it. i've been surprised how many democrats are against what he's talking about in that approximately 450 billion dollar basically a tax bill. it is pathetic. >> greta: why would he introduce, number within everyone says it is dead on arrival but if he knows democrats going to support it? >> to make political points rather than lead in an economic way. i've made this point over and over, there's not a person in the white house who has had much to do with creating private sector jobs. even the reason addition to the council of economic advisers, princeton professor, not a lot of experience in the private sector. they are great at academics. -- they are great they are brilliant people they have no clue on who makes jobs. >> greta: solyndra what do you
10:44 pm
think about that crisis? >> it is a disgrace the president and his allies have gotten so caught up in green matters. i think with it would be good for us to move more and more into alternative energy. but to put 535 million dollars into a program that has a poor business plan. it would be farber for them to raise money in the private marketplace and that would have made them -- given them a chance to winch it is well concluded now that -- to win. it is well concluded now this is because of a bad business plan. there are 35 states who didn't get as much money for their roads, highways and bridges, as solyndra got. that is now down the drain because they are now in bankruptcy. it is pathetic. that's what is wrong with going too far overboard on
10:45 pm
some of their approaches. there may be some serious charges brought out of that in the end. i hope not. i think there was a sincerity about it. but it is stupid. and it is again done by people who don't know what they are doing. who literally haven't worked in the private sector. and didn't do their business run down. and who basically shouldn't be running our country, i'll put it that way. >> greta: you've introduced a bill having to do with the united nations and the palestinians are attempting to of the u.n. recognize them as a state. what is your bill and why did you introduce it? >> i'm sick and tired of the u.n. doing these crazy things. the palestinians want to be declared a state so they can bring charges against israel and embarrass israel all over the world. >> greta: in the international criminal court? >> right. israel is the only democracy in the sea 300 million arabs. i will support the moderate people who really want peace and want to do what is right.
10:46 pm
to could this, this is a gimmick to put more pressure on israel. frankly, i think the united states ought to send the message, if you going to keep pulling this kind of stuff, we're gonna pull out of the -- we are going to pull our money back from the u.n. until you wake up. frankly that bill would make it so we are not going to keep supporting the u.n. as we have done financially. >> greta: it -- is it likely to pass? have you don't any headcount? >> we haven't done a head count because we just filed it today. i think it would have a chance of passage. i didn't -- i don't know what the democrats will do. they control the senate with 53 democrats. we don't get anything up that might cause them any problems at the polls. i don't see why any democrat worth his or her salt wouldn't be willing to stand up and say this is wrong to keep picking on israel.
10:47 pm
it is wrong to change this status of the palestinians, just for political purposes or just to embarrass israel. >> greta: how do you think the president has handled this? >> i heard his speech today. i didn't get to hear it, i heard it was pretty weak. look, i like the president personally. there's nothing personal in my remarks. but he xeno what he's doing. he's never worked in the -- but he doesn't know what he's doing. he's never worked in the private sector. i believe he thinks we should be like europe. who in their right mind would want to do that? i question whether he believes this is the greatest nation in the world. >> greta: thank you sir. >> what is up with president obama problems with the president of mongolia? why would he put his hand right in his face? rush limbaugh thinks he knows.
10:48 pm
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>> greta: here's the best of the rest. is this a kodak moment? did it go wrong for president obama? during a group photo at the united nations the president is caught raising his hand.
10:52 pm
the problem is his hand is in front of the among goalian president's face. you can see -- among goalian president's face. was president obama trying to send a message just a protocol faux pas? >> this photo is not photo shopped. it is a re mit photo. it is taken by getty, and it is posted on the getty page with the getty watermark. and it is a huge protocol boo boo. this is hilarious this is alfred e newman. this picture sums it up. it just totally sums it up. you are never supposed to wave in these pictures. this guy's face is totally covered by obama's hand. some people are suggesting this was a set up, that the photographer had just asked the group who wants to see obama get reelected?
10:53 pm
so he's waving. and he's the only guy in the room waving. >> greta: i have no idea about that picture. >> new jersey's governor christie is giving out free campaign advice in a town hall in union, new jersey. here's some of it. >> my name is jack i'm from springfield. i'm in 6th grade and i'm thinking of running for student council in school. any tips? >> first thing is, make sure that you get a bunch of friends who think you would be the best person for 6th grade to go out there and help. the more people that are rpbd you the more other people think you are probably going to win, that helps. have colorful posters. [ laughing ] >> they let you hang up posters for the campaign? do you know? hang 'em up until they tell you to take 'em down.+@&hc% [ applause ]
10:54 pm
>> and the last thing is, don't make promises you can't keep. [ applause ] >> because if you do, they won't be voting for you in 7th grade. >> greta: a terrifying scene in china. raging currents carrying away a restaurant boat many the boat broke free from its docks, speeded down the river, rescue crews rush odd to stop it but didn't make it in time. then more trouble as the boat collided with a larger restaurant boat. everyone onboard was thrown into the water. good news, everyone was rescued. both boats were finally secured. >> coming up, last call! 88% of americans are on the edge of their seats. what are they waiting for? jay leno will tell you.
10:55 pm
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two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands ojobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security and our economy.
10:59 pm
>> greta: 11:00 is almost here flash the studio lights time for last call! jay leno has his own take on the latest poll numbers. >> it is not just obama, congress' approval rating has dropped only 12% approve of the job congress is doing. the other 88% are withholding judgment until congress actually does something. then they will make their decision. >> greta: that is your last call. lights are blinking, we are closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. join us friday night we have a special guest. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will be here to go on the record about all the breaking developments in the united nations. th week, friday night 10 p.m. eastern on the record. also go


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